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Kirb Appeal 

On her new lifestyle show for Roxo Media House, Kirbe Schnoor talks about everything that appeals to her most with best friend Lizzy Bentley, as well as the new guests who join them each week to share their stories. Fashion, food, music, art, rodeo and Western culture — Kirbe and Lizzy cover it all, while giving you a behind-the-scenes look at their lives, favorite places, and things to do in Fort Worth. 

Their friendship and careers are rooted in Cowtown. Now, tired of just talking to each other, the duo is looking for a new audience to appeal to. In some episodes, Kirbe and Lizzy grill special guests in studio; in others, they hit the streets of Fort Worth for the likes of red carpet interviews, shopping sprees, and to hunt for the best margaritas in town.

They play games, get real, and showcase more than just their Kirb Appeal!

Kirbe Schnoor

Coming to Texas via California, where she was raised on her family’s almond farm in the central valley, Kirbe believes in educating audiences about the agriculture and livestock industries, where their food comes from, the clothes on their back and the people who make it all possible!

Kirbe moved to Fort Worth after college to work for Superior Livestock Auction, hosting a daily live broadcast on the cattle market and industry fluctuations that aired on RFD -TV. She went on to be the resident Western Lifestyle and Agricultural Reporter for RFD-TV and The Cowboy Channel, a job that took her cross-country to interview rodeo athletes, livestock exhibitors, entrepreneurs and public figures. From the fields to the red carpet, she’s covered every aspect of western life and culture. 

Lizzy Bentley 

Lizzy spent her childhood in Amarillo, Texas, before moving to Dallas to attend Southern Methodist University. After graduation, she joined the corporate world working in oil and gas. But soon she found herself walking a new path — in cowboy boots. Wanting to offer women the perfect boot — something chic and timeless, with a flattering silhouette and comfy fit, that could be worn in the board room, on the ranch or at a wedding — Lizzy founded her own collection, City Boots, in 2015. 

Since bringing her boot business to Fort Worth, Lizzy has grown the direct-to-consumer brand exponentially, now having customers in almost all 50 states. City Boots has been featured in national publications such as Cowgirl Magazine, Western Runway and Cowboys & Indians, and in 2020, Lizzy was profiled by the Wall Street Journal. Just this year, she opened her second City Boots location in Dallas!


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